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All Access Bail Bonds is proud to serve Houston, Harris County, Ft. bend County and beyond. Our office are located in the Houston area, but our ACCESS extends across Texas and throughout the nation. If you, a friend or family member have been arrested or have an open warrant, All Access Bail Bonds is here to help. Our agents will treat you like a customer, a person simply in need of our services. When the courts set a bond amount, we ensure you have access to your right to freedom. Many of our services can be done discretely over the phone.

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What is a Bail Bond?

When a person is charged with a criminal offense and a bail amount is set, there are three main options. The first option is to sit in jail until and through the trial. The second is to post a cash bail for the entire amount of the bail to get out of jail or remain out of jail until and through the trial. The third is to have a bail bond company, such as All Access Bonds, post a Bail Bond on your behalf. Bail Bonds only costs a fraction of the bail amount set. To post a bail bond simply contact the professional agents of All Access Bonds for additional details.

Our legal system has many players with different roles. As the Premier bail bond agency in the Houston and Harris County area, our role is to secure your freedom by posting a bond on your behalf. By doing so, we are now responsibility for paying the full amount of your bail to the courts, if you fail to show up to court. In exchange for taking on that responsibility, we only charge you, a small non-refundable percentage of the bail amount.

Jail Bonding Vs. "Non-Arrest" Bonding

Jail Bonding

Jail Bonding

Jail Bonding occurs after a person is charged with a crime, arrested, placed in jail and a bond amount is set. When this happens, it can take up to 16 hours or more to be released from the Harris County jail on bond. On average, 8 hours being booked into the system and 8 hours being booked out.


“Non-Arrest” Bonding is the process of posting a bond before being arrested and taken to jail. There are cases where a person is charged with a crime and a warrant is issued for their arrest. This often happens when a person misses court. In some situations, the person may not even be aware that there is a warrant for their arrest. This means that they can be arrested at any time or any place by any police officer. A “Non-Arrest” Bond lifts the warrant and initiates the process of scheduling your day in court. This relieves the stress and worry about being arrested. All Access Bonds agents are always willing to run a check and verify that there are no warrants issued for your arrest in the Houston or Harris County areas.

Types of Bail Bonds

All Access Bail Bonds is the premier bonding agency in the Greater Houston Area.
You are our customer by choice and we appreciate it. There were many other choices out there. We promise to treat you with the utmost of respect. The current situation maybe the result of a simple over site, an accident, a wrong decision or even a mistake on the part of law enforcement. The long arm of the law often casts a wide net. There are times when the innocent are caught with or instead of the guilty. It is not our duty or policy to determine guilt. Our policy is to work hard and efficiently to secure the defendants release with a bail bond. This is the role, in the legal system, we have chosen to play and we play it well. Let All Access Bail Bonds help you with your Houston bail bond or Harris County bail bond needs.
J.P stands for Justice of the Peace. There are 16 J.P courts in Harris County. Two judges in 8 precincts. Each precinct has its own Constable's Office. The Deputy Constables write tickets just like a City Police Officer does. You have to appear in court or pay off the ticket by a certain date, or warrants will be issued for your arrest. All charges in a J.P. court are Class C misdemeanors and a Non-Arrest Bond can be posted or they can be arrested.
More serious crimes like Class A&B Misdemeanors and Felonies are filed by law enforcement agencies through the Harris County District Attorney's Office. These cases are heard in a County Criminal Court at Law or a State District Court. Bonds can be posted if the person has already been arrested or a Non-Arrest Bond can be prepared to lift the arrest warrant, if they have not already been arrested.
Some trials end in acquittals, while others end in convictions. In some cases that end in convictions, there are grounds for an appeal. Generally, if the defendant receives less than a 10 year sentence, they will be eligible for an Appeal Bond. The appeal process could take up to years and without an Appeal Bond the defendant will remain locked up in jail during the entire appeal process. An Appeal Bond affords the defendant the freedom to work, get affairs in order or do whatever is needed during the appeal process.
Sometimes a person could be wanted in another county, yet they get arrested in Harris County and taken to the Harris County Jail on the criminal charges from the other County. Eventually, they will be transferred to the other County, but this usually takes a while. With an Out of County Bond, they can be bonded out bonded out and released from the Harris County Jail without being transferred to the county which issued the arrest warrant.

Bonding Schedule

The bonding schedule is simply a general guide. Bond amounts are established by each individual court. The courts have discretion to raise or lower bond amounts. Once a bond amount is set, the defendant has a right to post a bond. When using a bail bonding company such as All Access Bail Bonds, the defendants do not pay the full bond amount. They only pay a small percentage of the total bond amount. In many cases financing is also available. We also offer multiple options for the delivery of the bond to the Harris County offices. Please contact our All Access Bail Bonds agents for more details.

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